About Me


Kent-based illustrator, Steve Turner (aka Squidoodle) is a “doodler” as his nickname would suggest. His weapons of choice are common amongst this breed of illustrator – all his work is carried out using pens and pencils. Like many “commercial doodlers”, Steve’s work embodies the doodle aesthetic yet defies the strict definition of being “drawn aimlessly” through his thoughtful, ornate compositions and themes. He draws inspiration from nature, robots, skulls, zombies, animals, steampunk and more.
In August 2015, Steve produced his first Colouring Book for Adults - Squidoodle's Adventures in Colouring and Doodling. This was followed by a Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon campaign and a Project Semicolon campaign, both of which quickly went viral. 

He followed this up in October 2015 with his second book Squidoodle's Book of Fancy Letters, as well as a Christmas Card range, and much more. 

Steve Squidoodle Turner provides tattoo design, commissioned artwork and colouring books. He has provided artwork for major book publishers and clothing companies. 

He lives by the sea, and when he's not drawing in his studio, he's out and about in his campervan.